Wood Fence Installation

Fencing Build To Last.

Some of the best materials on the market are Wood fences. All of Alpha Fence’s wood fence material is graded #2 or better, which means the boards are at least 50% clearer than other wood materials on the market, which ensures that you get premium quality.

Alpha Fence also offers clear grade pickets, and #1 grade materials upon request.
The second major factor to consider for wood fencing is the way your fence is constructed. To ensure our quality work is met with your standards, Alpha Fence practices the best construction mechanisms to build a long-lasting fence. Our team members use 4×4 pressure-treated pine posts on our typical wood fences. Every post is set in concrete, and the height of the fence determines the depth at which we set the posts. These depths range from 24″ to 48″ and sometimes deeper. This is why we kindly ask to have your utility lines marked before our crew can begin on your project.

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